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Peruvian Cuisine

Elena Magac

Elena Magac’s book PERUVIAN CUISINE: Easy Ways to Prepare Traditional Dishes at Home is an irresistible melting pot of traditional Peruvian dishes with easy-to-make, quick and reliable recipes for today’s busy cook. A daughter of the renowned Peruvian artist and indigenist painter Camilo Blas, she embraces her rich heritage and reveals its secrets to modern cooks.

 elenamagacElena shows everyday cooks how to add a Peruvian touch to just about any dish. She works from a base of standard pantry items and ingredients found in local supermarkets and grocery stores to recreate favorites from her childhood, from Ají de Gallina and Fish Escabeche to bright Ceviches, refreshing Tiraditos and the delicious and rich Chupe de Camarones, or Shrimp Stew. An expression of her love for Peruvian culture and cuisine, this book is her gift and legacy to the legions of Peruvian food lovers and to her family eager to reconstruct beloved recipes.

Throughout her life and her travels around the globe, whenever she found herself in a kitchen, Elena managed to reproduce the fl avor of Perú just as she remembered enjoying it at the tables of her mother and her grandmother. From ceviches to desserts, PERUVIAN CUISINE: Easy Ways to Prepare Traditional Dishes at Home is a must-have for those who like to share delicious meals with family and friends.

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